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Grim Shit :

It's all in the name. This is what I am....or, at least, what I think of myself.
I've been playing guitar since the age of 11, and I have never had enough of it ever since. Music is my passion.
The air I breathe, the food I eat and the only way I can truly express myself. The only way for me to feel alive.
My instrumental project started in 2007 and kept going through all the albums you will find below.
Soon, will be a time for different things, including a evolution of this project (with vocals, maybe ?), after the release of my last instrumental album "Lux In Tenebris".
But, right now, I hope you will enjoy the first ark of my story :

You can hear and download all my instrumental albums via the links below:

- Battle For Heaven - 2008

- Waltz At The End Of The World - 2008

- Angels Fly Above Dying Souls - 2008

- Tuning Down To Earth - 2009

- Neutral Wings (Final Chronicles) - 2010

- Dreams Of Disorder - 2012

- Lux In Tenebris - Coming soon....

Still working on this last instrumental piece from the Grim Shit project.

Until then, you can have some of the tunes I posted on Youtube. Stay tuned for more....